We actively litigate civil cases in all State and Federal Courts in Puerto Rico, Illinois and Washington, DC.

Conscious of the great social responsibility that these cases generate, we accept legal representation of those cases that are meritorious. In most cases, this means that, before presenting a civil action, we make sure of obtaining an opinion from a qualified expert.
We take care of evaluating all the received consultations, gather the medical records and locating the most qualified expert for each individual case.

Our office represents adults and children who have received serious and permanent physical, mental and emotional damages or who have died as a result of the damages and injuries they have suffered. We are extremely selective with the cases we accept their legal representation, with the purpose of dedicating each case the time and resources they deserved. We do not take shortcuts.

Since the beginning of the case, we carry out our own investigation and employ the best experts available. We make an effort to obtain ethical, productive and cost-effective results.

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